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Cinema Perpetuum Mobile 2018 Manifesto

In the consumerist society, the festival is considered to be a commodity or an institution that serves this commodity. The evidence of this is a great number of festivals of cheese, sausages, beer, smoked meats and rodents, springing up like mushrooms after the rain. The main function of an ordinary festival is to produce entertainment and happiness. Festival turns into building of the citadel of hedonism. Entertainment, happiness and hedonism are perceived as legitimisation of consumption and dominant idea of commodity. We live in the epoch of Neo-Hellinism, when circuses once again become the ideological basis for the absolute authority and, in our case, economic system.

Belarusian cinemagoers, as members of the consumerist society, assess the quality of a commodity, voting with a ruble. Now we can see the results of this vote – the audience is getting bored at the cinema. They no longer feel happy to encounter the sublime on the screen and find no savour left in the magic of a cinema hall. Disappointed and frustrated, they try to find their happiness in other places. Standing in a queue to the unemployment centre, going to the sale of household goods at the department store or a local job fair – those and other ‘festivals’ of our age deprive us, the true representatives of the festival movement, of well-deserved laurels and reverence.

However, we are not afraid of hardships and ready to sacrifice the most precious for the sake of people's happiness. Let the hamster wheel of our perpetuum mobile machine fall on its side and turn into something that fully corresponds to the people’s aspirations and ideas of the sublime – into the circus ring. And the bedsheet we used to project films gets distorted under the pressure of market demands and turns into a chapiteau tent.

Let the famous acrobats impress us with their tricks and the lions trained by some famous tamers demonstrate their surprising sense of duty and gentle character. Everything is made for your pleasure: transgender midgets, muscular clowns, and an old bear with an accordion. We live in the era of the circus society and this show must go on. So you are welcome to take your seats, relax and sink into the world of happiness. Happiness that is honest and truthful! Happiness that fits our pathetic postmodern reality!

Let’s feed Achilles with turtle soup! Belarusian draniki will be the second course and kompot by Cinema Perpetuum Mobile the third! Here it is, pleasure for the eye. Here it is, our last performance!


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Cinema Perpetuum Mobile (CPM for short) is an annual international short film festival.

Founded in 2011 in Minsk (Belarus) by a cinephile community, it will celebrate it’s 5th edition in 2016.

Cinema Perpetuum Mobile sticks to its goals to:

  • promoting films by young and independent Belarusian authors in Belarus and internationally
  • searching for new forms and tendencies in cinema on the edge of amateur and professional film-making;
  • exploring social issues via cinematographic language
  • develop and strengthen connections between film-makers and film-making communities all around the world

Cinema Perpetuum Mobile reaches the audience not only in Belarusian regions and cities, but in other countries as well. It is you who help us bring independent cinema to more and more people, and our community is growing due to the principles we incorporate in our mission: decentralization (horizontal structure of the festival), self-organization (volunteer basis, grassroot initiative), transparency (possibility to join the community at any time, and contribute to festival organization).

Catalogue CPM-2016

Latest news

CPM-2017 calling for your submissions!

Dear friends! We are announcing the open call for 6th festival of short film Cinema Perpetuum Mobile (CPM), be held in April 2017 in Minsk.

Multimedia, new means of film language, relevant topics and experiment - are the key words-triggers for you, in order not to hesitate about sharing your works with us.

The deadline for Belarusian directors is the end of February 2017, however works from international authors are accepted till December 20th, 2016.

Participation in the festival does not require any fees. Before filling in the application form we advise you to get familiar with the regulations of the festival.Your application can be sent here.

The results of the selection will be announced in March 2017. Any questions? Feel free to contact us on

CPM-2016: Check out the schedule!

Traditionally, Cinema Perpetual Mobile-2016 will embrace 5 competition programmes: fiction, documentary, experimental, animation and the Belarusian section. The winner in each section will be selected by the international jury.

Moreover, we are happy to introduce out-of-competition screenings of Young Russian cinema, animation, “Accepting violence” programme followed by a discussion and our beloved Zen/Trash. Moreover, this year we prepared Kids Animation section and Visual Music for the first time!

We’ll have even more partnership screenings this year! You will enjoy Polish animation from O!PLA film festival, “Balkan blues” from Docufest, Kosovo and best films from Grenzland-Filmtage Selb.

We are happy to invite you to the stop-motion animation workshop and a meeting with Carin Bräck, Swedish filmmaker & jury member.

We look forward to seeing you at the Opening Ceremony of the V International Short Film Festival Cinema Perpetuum Mobile!

Follow us on Facebook and ВКонтакте!

CPM 2016 will be held on 8-17th of April

The 5th edition of Cinema Perpetuum Mobile will be held from 8th till 17th of April in Minsk!
The main screenings will then be followed and supported with regional screenings in Belarus and wolrdwide.

This year's topic is Diving into cinema! For 9 days we will dive in the deep and diverse world of cinema with creations of different forms.
The full list of participants and schedule will be announced shortly!

We are preparing for CPM-2016!

Open call for submissions for CPM-2016 is now officially closed.
We are now preparing for the upcoming festival in April!

All the participants of CPM-2016 will be informed beginning of March at latest.
List of programs will be announced late March! See you soon!

Open call for CPM-2016 is prolonged till December 15th!

CPM-2016 is prolonging the deadline for submissions!
Till December 15, 2015 we accept non-fiction, animation and experimental works for the competition selection, as well as films dealing with ecological, gender, urban issues, and music video. The open call is still valid for Belarusian film-makers. Fiction films submitted after November 15, 2015 are considered to be applications for СРМ-2017.

Please consult the rules before submitting.

Follow the news about the festival and the selection process on our website, as well as official Facebook page.

Cinema Perpetuum Mobile-2016 is announcing the open call!

International short film festival Cinema Perpetuum Mobile (CPM) is announcing the open call for the 5th edition taking place in April 2016. Film submissions are accepted till November 15th, 2015 . We welcome short films of any genres and style.

We accept films of up to 35 min length and created no earlier than January 1st, 2014. Number of works submitted by one author is not limited. Submissions to the festival are free of any charges.

Please consult the rules before submitting.

Follow the news about the festival and the selection process on our website, as well as official Facebook page.

The last #belkinoleto evening in this year is coming!

This friday, September the 4th, in the yard of the National Historical Museum (K. Marx, 12) meeting with young authors - participants of CPM-2015 - will be held.
This time you'll see films:
- "Unknown man" / Dmiry Dedok;
- "Happy Days" / Maria Monakova, Dmitry Leukouski;
- "The Road to the Sun" / Yauheni Lytkin, Maksim Malahau;
- "And Happiness" / Maksim Shved;
- "Big Bug and a Little Buggie" / Dmity Shestopalau;
- "Cartoon about wedding" / Aleksandra Podkopaeva, Marysja Tylszankova;
- "OBNZBNCHA" / Maksim Lyshik;
- "Birthday in Minsk" / Nikita Laurezki.

Come, invite friends and relatives. We don't know, when one could enjoy the finest byelorussian shorts under open air.

Start: 21.00
Free entry

Hot summer of #belkinoleto continues!

This friday, August 7th, you'll see fiction films of young byelorussian director Sergey Kolosovkiy:
- "Letter";
- "Mexico";
- "Pop Gun";
- "Bet".

After the show - necessarily talk to the author!

Start: 21.30
Free entry

The time for third evening of #belkinoleto is close!

On this Friday, July 24, in the yard of National Historical Museum (K. Marx, 12), you'll see the works of byelorussian artist Igor Chischenya, after we'll talk with him.
Films by Igor Chischenya on the upcoming friday evening:
- "Time. Movie. Life";
- "On the manege today and always";
- "Synagogue";
- "The lost song";
- "The breathing of the swamps".

Start at 21.30
Free entry

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  • We are independent

    Cinema Perpetuum Mobile is a non-profit project founded and promoted solely by volunteers.

  • We are open

    Anyone can join our team and contribute to this unique project on equal terms of cooperation.

  • We are transparent

    No directors, no centralization, no barriers – this is what our structure is. In this microcosm of Cinema Perpetuum Mobile everyone is united in sharing enthusiasm.