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In January 2012 there was held a unique event in cultural life of Minsk .It was International Short Film Festival «Cinema Perpetuum Mobile».

More than 190 movies from more than 30 countries of the world . Eminent jury, which included also representatives of Belarus, was estimating and choosing the best movies. Showings gathered a large audience of interested spectators and recieved wide publicity in press.


The Great Race

Grand-prix: The Great Race

(K. Camacho, Spain)

The year 1914. The Lasarte racetrack announces a race with a never-before-seen prize for the winning horse. Eight of the best horses and mares in the world have registered. Fance and heavy betters from all continents gather to participate in the great event: the Half Million Grand Prize.

Nomination Perpetuum historia: 1937

(S. Golovlev, Russia)

1937. The young couple goes to the vicinities of Moscow to baptize a child. By station, at which they came a train with prisoners was passing A letter fells out from a passing train.A couple finds out that this is a letter home. The rest of the way turns into a harrowing struggle of fear with conscience. Since sending the letter is considered as aiding it's punished according to the law.

Nomination Perpetuum adversi: Playground

(Еlad Primo, Israel)

This Film reflects emotions and memories of growing-up in Israel. It's the Israeli version of a kid's growing up story. I found it ironic that children in Israel who play "hide and seek" and video games are exposed to weapon on a daily basis: On the streets, in their homes (while their big brothers and sisters come back from the military), and unreasonably it became trivial for them. (From the director’s statement of E.Primo).

Nomination Perpetuum libertas: (en)terrados

(Alex Lora, Spain)

In a city… finding an apartment is no longer possible.
Night School

Nomination Perpetuum amor: Night School

(Ben Soper, Great Britain)

Late at night, a young couple find themselves alone together for the first time. She wants to be more intimate. He knows just the right place. Leading her to an abandoned school he finds an open window and climbs in. She’s reluctant to follow. He leans out and offers her a hand. She decides to trust him and together they disappear into the shadows.

Nomination Perpetuum mobile: Perpetuum mobile

(Agnieszka Burszewska, Poland)

In s dark Laboratory the Engineer works on his greatest invention yet. He doesn’t give up his face adversities. He knows that the only way to discower the limits of the impossible is to go beyond them. The passion of creation becomes his obsession. And every obsession demands a sacrifice...
Perpetuum mobile

Nomination Perpetuum arts: Scene

(Stephen Rousselin, France)

Love and death, feelings and game follow each other catch up with one another and mix in a whirlpool of life. The truth on the stage will put everything on its places

Nomination Perpetuum idea: Flock

(Asier Altuna, Spain)

A shepherd, lost in the city, searches for his flock. His callattracts the attention of some people, who decide to follow him.
In image and likeness

Nomination Perpetuum vita: In image and likeness…

(Nikita Tikhonov-Ray, Russia/Spain)

It's a documentary about elevator operator Jesus, who spent most ofhis life in elevator. And if it was not for the flat mortrage…

Also the following films got special reviews::
Perpetuum mobile (E.Garcia & R.Ajofrin, Spain)
The Stain (I.Chojna, Poland)
Friendship Is Something Beautiful (J. R. de Arcaute, Spain)
Twillight (A.Lobach, Belarus)
Blue bone (k. Vostrikov, Russia)
Cabbagecutter (V. Viner, Russia)

Special diploma of organizing commitee:
Grandfather Margar (G.Tadevosyan, Armenia)
2012 january
7 days
35 country
197 participants
$0 budget
9 jury members
42 volunteers
8 showing stages
  • National Art Museum,
    Lenin str. 20
  • Palace of Arts,
    Kozlov str. 3
  • Rubin-plaza artcinema
  • Museum of Belarusian Cinema History,
    Sverdlov str. 4
  • Schemelev gallery,
    Rokossovsky ave. 49
  • Palace of children and youth,
    Starovilensky trakt 41
  • Сultural centre «La Mora», la-mora.info
  • Kalyannaya 1,
    K.Marks str. 33


Cory McAbee (USA)

Writer, film director ("American Astronaut", "Stingray Sam"), a frontman of Billy Nayer Show band.

Bohdana Smirnova (Ukraine)

Independent film director and scriptwriter. Firts ukranian, who got toprestigious residence of Cannes Film Festival.

Sergey Krasikov (USA)

Born in Minsk. In 2004 moved to Brooklin and started making films by himself.

Andrew Kureichik (Belarus)

Script writer, playwright, director, writer. In his 30 years he wrote 25 plays, which were staged in nine countries.

Igrusha Yuri (Belarus)

Producer, director and screenwriter. Currently - Director of RUE" The Belarusian Video Center ".

Pavel Ivanov (Belarus)

Film director of the highest category, the participant and winner of a number of movie festivals. Dean of the Faculty of Arts BSAA screen.

Maciej Gil (Poland)

Cinema historian, organizer of the various film events. President of the Polish Federation of Film Clubs.

Victor Aslyuk (Belarus)

Director and screenwriter, shot more than 30 documentaries. A member of the European Film Academy since 2003.

Agricola de Cologne (Germany)

Director of the International Festival of Film and Video Art CologneOFF, the head of a virtual video channel (VideoChannel).

Geography of participants


Nothing would have happened without our wonderful volunteers. We devoted a separate page for them.