CPM filmfest
January, 12-20
planet Earth


Международный фестиваль короткометражного кино Cinema Perpetuum Mobile - 2013 прошел еще раз.Мы продолжили наши эксперименты с площадками и местами показов: на протяжении 9 дней показы происходили на 8 площадках Минска и одновременно в 10 городах Беларуси, а показы специальной международной программы получилось провести в 15 странах мира.

В СРМ - 2013 приняло участие больше 320 фильмов из более чем 40 странах мира. Конкурсная программа состояла из 24 лент, а еще 60 попали в тематические внеконкурсные показы, которые были разбиты на 16 программ.

В 2013 году мы продолжили выстраивать нашу партнерскую сеть и поддержали процесс диалога между киногруппами Беларуси и её соседями, так и всего мира.


Nomination Film still Nomination
Grand-prix Eskimoe Kiss
Carin Bräck (Sweden, Själbodgatan, 2012)
Drama/ 13 minutes

Isa's son is in coma after the accident. We follow her through pain and fear to the other side.

Nomination Perpetuum amor Noise
Tatiana and Olha Poliektovy (Russia, St.Petersburgh, 2012)
Drama/ 10 minutes

Film tells about a man whose loud thoughts prevented him from finding his own happiness.

Nomination Perpetuum adversi Revolution Reykjavik
Isold Uggadottir (Iceland, 2012)
Drama/ 19 minutes

As the Icelandic economy collapses, Gudfinna (58) struggles to retain her dignity.

Nomination Perpetuum arts Sleepincord
Marta Pajek (Poland, Lodz, 2011)
Drama/ 14 minutes

“Snepowina” (Sleepincord) raises the issue of dream. Dream is the meeting point of the world of body and mind; it is intangible for us and hard to examine thoroughly. Dream takes us to the world where rules are variable, while The real word, the rules of which we apparently know, appears to be similarly deprived of logic.

Nomination Perpetuum mobile Mama
Dmitry Surzhikov (Ukraine, Odessa, 2011)
Drama/thriller/ 15 minutes

Children grow up and start their own life. Most often it happens away from home. Loneliness and senility are awaiting our heroine, Mama. Her entire world is a one-room flat in an old house, overlooking a future high-rise building, crosswords, and a TV-set. One day Mama’s neighbour asks her to take care of his pet — an iguana that she starts treating like her baby.

Nomination Perpetuum vita Willy
Bartosz Kruhlik (Poland, Warsaw, 2012)
Fiction, dark comedy/ 15 minutes

What would you do if the Death visits you unexpectedly? Could your life be bargained in a gin rummy game? The black comedy.

The best belarussian film The City
Andrei Badzi Takindang (Belarus, Minsk, 2012)
Action, parody, thriller, horror/ 4 minutes

The story is happening in the capital of the Republic of Belarus the city of Minsk. The music of "RECHA" band turns raging throughout the city zombies into ordinary people. That symbolizes the power of art influence over the society. At the end of the video musicians set off on a journey to save other towns and cities by their creative work.

The best urban film Squat – The City Belongs to Us
Christophe Coellо (France, 2011)
Documentary/ 94 minutes

History of the Barcelona-based activist network «Miles de Viviendas» (Thousands of Homes) which givs a decisive response to the real estate speculations in the city. Since 2002, they have broken into empty apartments and transform them into cozy homes.

People's Choice Award 82
Calum Macdiarmid (United Kingdom (Great Britain), LONDON, 2012)
Drama/thriller/ 6 minutes

A postman [played by Nick Moran] lets us into his dark world in quiet suburbia.

People's Choice Award (Minsk, Mogilev) Eskimoe Kiss
Carin Bräck (Sweden, Själbodgatan, 2012)
Drama/ 13 minutes

Isa's son is in coma after the accident. We follow her through pain and fear to the other side.

People's Choice Award (Minsk, Mogilev) Circus
Pablo Remón (Spain, Madrid, 2011)
Comedy/ 8 minutes

A bench in the park. Two executives fired due to the recession. A revolutionary idea to deal with the uncertain future.

People's Choice Award (London) Simple things
Artem Lobach (Belarus, Borisov, 2012)
Документальный/ 11 минут

Who is "the Belarusian man"? This film is about the Belarusian hero from the plow. If you understand and hear the film hero then you can come closer to understanding the soul of ordinary Belarusians.

People's Choice Award of Georgetown (Malaysia) Kirland
Ilya Bojko (Belarus, Minsk, 2012)
Satire, fantastic dystopia / 7 minutes

Political satire, fiction dystopia in the style of the classic silent films.

People's Choice Award of Tiraspol (Moldova) and Cluj (Romania) Second wind
Sergei Tsyss (Russia, 2012)
Science fiction/ 7 minutes

Every day he has to make a new flower of an aluminum can and plant it into the dry land. This is the meaning of his existence, as nothing else is left in the world but the rustling of metal flowers of the apocalypse.

2013 january
8 days
42 country
320 participants
$500 budget
9 jury members
150 volunteers
8 showing stages
8 cities and towns in Belarus
15 coutries participated in international screenings

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