Winners of CPM-2014

Dear friends!

We are happy to announce the winners of CPM-2014!

Winners selected by the international jury:

  • Best Fiction Film: Welcome and Our Condolences by Leon Prudovsky (Israel)
  • Best Documentary Film: Відкритий урок / Demonstration lesson by Natallia Mashtaler (Ukraine)
  • Best Animation: Symphony no. 42 by Réka Bucsi (Hungary)
  • Best Experimental Film: Piel / Skin by Javier Pernas (Spain)

Prizes from CPM organization commitee

  • Perpetuum Mobile - Premier Automne / Autumn Leaves by Carlos De Carvalho & Aude Danset (France)
  • Perpetuum Ars - Aeroevasiones by Carlos Hernández Dorta (Spain)
  • Perpetuum Libertas - Concejo abierto / Open Village Council by Carmen Comadrán (Spain)
  • Perpetuum Amor - Til evig tid / From This Day Forward by Even Hafnor (Norway)
  • Perpetuum Adversi - ორშაბათიდან - ორშაბათამდე / From Monday to Monday by Vakhtang Jajanidze (Georgia)

Special prizes

  • Vox Populi (highest points from the audience at pre-screnings) - Das Begräbnis von Harald Kramer / The Funeral of Harald Kramer by Marc Schlegel (Austria)
  • Best Belarusian film (Jury choice) - Фокус / Magic Trick by Maria Matusevich (Belarus)
  • Best Belarusian film (Audience choice) - Андрэй Такінданг. Спынюся ў сярэдзіне. / Andrey Takindang. I Will Stop in the Middle by Igar Chyshchenia (Belarus)
  • Special prize from community - Освоение ограничений / Exploration of Confinement by Marusya Syroechkovskaya (Russian Federation)
  • Special prize from Minsk cinema film cooperative ( - Арбитры изящного / Arbiters of taste by Ilja Shidlovskij (Russian Federation)

  • P.S. Audience voting continues at international places of screening - all the updates will be displayed on the website and our social networks.
    Your CPM team