Belkinoleto continues on July 10

On evening of July 10 we will again show movies under open air. New program of Byelorussian movies from Cinema Perpetuum Mobile 2014 collection is ready. It consists of:
- "Owlet" /Olga Vahonina;
- "Debris" / Vera Demenchyk;
- "Performer" / Zhugzhda Daniil;
- "Jury the Hobo" / Darya Andreyanava;
- "Andrew Takindang. Will stop in between" / Igor Chizhenya;
- "Art-repatriation" / Egor Surskiy.

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Start: 21.30
Free entry

Self-organization and mutal help are welcome. Bring carpets, plaids, hot drinks with you; share with the folks.