Competition documentary program
17 April, 18:30 - Museum of the Belarusian Cinema History, 4 Sviardlova Str.

The documentary cinema has a strong impact on the fiction cinema nowadays – the current trend is toward filmmaking inspired by the true events. But the genre preserves its specific type of the representation of reality – the harshness of everyday life breaks through the artistic interpretation of the author.

Ticket price: 20000 rub.

Yurik the hobo / Daria Andreyanova ( Belarus, 18 min)

Yura is a hobo with an irresistible desire for vagrancy. While watching the movie, we learn how he manages to find a livelihood, how he lives and what he thinks about. We meet his priest friend and hear the voice of his girlfriend, try to understand and just observe Yura's life.

Caballo de mar / Jonay García ( Spain, 11 min)

Pedro Leyva maintains an endless game of chess against boredom, loneliness and the same time, this sailor cuban has seen, after many years of sailing, his life becomes a journey of no return.

home in mind / Tami Libermann ( Germany, 10 min)

Tami, a newcomer to the online 3D world of Second Life, approaches owners of virtual
Second-Life homes in an attempt to re-discover her own lost home. Blending Second-
Life and real-life footage, Tami explores the experience of home in the virtual era, and
the ability to capture it on film

Mend and make do / Bexie Bush ( United Kingdom (Great Britain), 11 min)

Cup of tea? Come and take a seat in Lyn's cosy front room, hear her story of love during wartime and watch as her belongings come alive with the hope, fear and humour of one spirited lady. Equal parts documentary, animation and magic, "Mend and Make Do" features the original voice of Lyn Schofield of Southport, Merseyside, a woman with a lifetime of tales to tell.

Merry Christmas, Vladimir! / Kozlov Vladimir ( France, 7 min)

A Russian migrant plays «Santa Claus » in a supermarket in France before observing alone the Christmas Eve.

Blessed Be This Place / Carl Olsson ( Denmark, 29 min)

’Blessed be this place’ is a multi-plot film about one’s search for identity and a place of belonging. The film is an observation of humankind, based on the spaces in which we find life meaningful and comprehensible.