Opening Ceremony. "Zen/trash" part 1 (Eros). PUKSTBAND concert
8 April, 19:00 - Korpus8, 9 Masherava Ave.

Party + Pukst band

Passionpanther / Anna Katalin Lovrity ( Hungary, 3 min)

A pssionate panthers accident with her lover.

Sitzung/Session / Eliza Plocieniak-Alvarez; Artur Ortlieb ( Germany, 4 min)

A silent place of peace and your thoughts. Free yourself! A film based on true events.

Missing one player / Lei Lei ( China, 4 min)

During a majong game a bad situation occurs. Everyone waits for the last player to show up. The three have no choice but to wait and sit there silently in tears. However, they do believe that the fourth player will come. They look up to they sky waiting for this miracle to happen.

DOK Leipzig 2015 — «Silver Dove» Award
StopTrik IFF 2015 — Special Mention

Mini Rumba / Ferriol Tugues Andrés ( Spain, 2 min)

"I think more than you think in thinking about you". From the chorus of the song emerges this story of first days of falling in love between two sweets. It shows a sweet part of obsession you are living when you fall down.

Serenade / Pavel Egorov ( Russian Federation, 4 min)

Emerging feelings of a carrot and an old potato are suddenly interrupted as the woman comes to the kitchen to cook soup. The carrot gets under the knife, and the potato finds its last refuge in a garbage can.

Little Procrastinating Monster / Clara Lu ( China, 1 min)

There is a kind of special monster who is capable of eating time prefer to specifically possess weak-minded people , such as leading role. The devil not only makes the hero lost his mind, but also consumes his time and life. All the manifestations of god try to destroy the monster, however the monster comes to life again ... Originally, only the people who is possessed centralized his power to do a thing, the soul of monster in the hourglass will be completely defeated.

Farewell to head / Olya Floh, Denis Kudryavtsev, Anna Mekh, Anton Mekh ( Belarus, 4 min)

The young man takes the most important decision in his life and becomes a bird.

Lenin is coming / Mikhail Soloshenko ( Russian Federation, 8 min)

Much to his mother's displeasure, Grigory brings home little Lenin but then Pushkin, who has run away before, comes back and outlives Lenin to the great delight of Grigory's mother.