Belarusian competition program
9 April, 20:00 - Peramoga Cinema, 20 Internacijanalnaja Str.

During the previous year, Belarusian cinema has started to gain more and more attention. Both stories of success and failure have come out. Some keep talking about the crisis of the Belarusian cinema, but some announce the birth of its 'New wave'. The Belarusian authors themselves, in their turn, simply carry on with their work. They reflect, describe, and sometimes even construct the reality around us.

Concierge / Robert Seneko ( Belarus, 9 min)

Unsatisfied with their concierge's behavour, the tenant of an apartment house comes to the Housing Maintenance Service office. It turns out that the concierge is elected by tenants' voting. But there's an obstacle on the way of choosing another concierge.

"Brazen potato" Bulbamovie 2015

A friend with two paws / Maxim Sarychau ( Belarus, 4 min)

No one knows how a red haired dog named Loyd has lost two paws: a fore-foot and a hind-foot. He may have got run down by a train or have fallen prey to some sadist. A week later Loyd was noticed on the outskirts of Minsk (Belarus), it was reported to animal rights activists. During a major surgery that lasted for four hours the remains of the broken tail and paws were removed. I kept track of Loyd's fate for six months after the accident and witnessed things happening to him: longtime therapy, fund raising for food and medicaments, moving from one owners to another, the courage of volunteers and the encounter with a violent reaction of society. There are no governmental programs in Belarus which help to find new owners for rejected animals and which control population size. Volunteers give wounded or homeless domestic animals the only chance to be saved. In regional cities animals are killed right on the streets by municipal services, in a best-case scenario it happens after a few days at a governmental sanitary base. Animal abusers in Belarus are sanctioned with administrative responsibility only.

Piter Foto Festival 2015 - 1st place (Russia)
International Photofestival PHOTOVISA 2014 - 2nd place (Russia)

Westerners / Yahor Surski ( Poland, 35 min)

The film tells about oral history movement in Belarus. This time young historians focus on the year 1939 in the oral memory of the Belarusians. The characters of the film witnessed those events.

Only in Grodno! / Shved Maxim, Lomov Andrey ( Belarus, 13 min)

The song 'Only in Grodno' is well-known not only by the residents of this city. Many people cosider it a folk-song but the creators of the film, Shved and Lomov, managed to find its author. How the hit which is more than 40 years old was born? How Grodno has changed meanwhile?

THE SECRET OF BROKEBACK HOLLOW / Janusz Gawryluk ( Belarus, 6 min)

Somewhere on the outskirts of Hrodna two outlaws meet at an empty spot. They have problems which need to be solved...

IV KOŁOBRZEG FILM FESTIVAL "Sensational Summer of Films" (Poland) — II prize in FIRST SHOT

In different angle / Olga Labovkina ( Belarus, 4 min)

For the first time the work has been introduced to the viewers at the final event made by the laboratory studying cinema dance as a phenomenon. The purpose of the project was to study what two forms of art — dance and cinema — have in common. As a result, several short videodance films were shot. This film is an ironic visualisation of gravity changes.

I live in this town / Nikalai Zheludovich, Dzmitry Nikifarau, Yahor Surski, Ruslan Fyadotau ( Belarus, 11 min)

Arlen Kashkurevich, a people's artist of Belarus, is a Minsk native. His attitude towards his home town is sensitive and reverential. He is concerned about the fate of his town, its people, its architecture. The film depicts artist's emotions regarding the town which are embodied in his creative works. It strives to relay his attitude.