Stop Motion Animation Workshop (Hannah Harkes)
9 April, 13:00 - NGO "YEC "FIALTA", 35, Myasnikova str.

The workshop will begin with an introduction to simple character creation and narrative structure, using objects, collage and drawing. We will explore story-boarding within frameworks, using structural elements in various combinations for dramatic impact, refinement of plot and mature character relationships. The main activity of the workshop will be the collaborative creation of short animation. Participants will use the pixilation method together with stylised stop-motion masks to develop their characters and narratives. Within the group, each participant will play a specialised role – for example puppet, puppet master, background artist, director – each forming an integral part of the collaborative animation process.

Hannah Harkes is an artist born in Scotland (1989) and based mostly in Estonia since 2011. She is a member of Grafodroom printmaking workshop & art collective, and letterpress master at the Ukrainian Culture Centre. As an artist, she is reaching always for a particular balance between authenticity and absurdity. She combines drawing, printmaking, moving image and installation. Her visual work is often presented in conjunction with participatory events, in which she likes to explore unusual structures for collaborative learning.

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