Polish animation program from O!PLA film fest
12 April, 19:00 - Museum of the Belarusian Cinema History, 4 Sviardlova Str.

Special guest: Piotr Kardas, Director of O!PLA Festival

O!PLA - THE FESTIVAL OF POLISH ANIMATION (www.polskaanimacja.pl) is the fully independent cultural project, whom 3. edition was held in 51. Polish cities (21.03 – 31.05.2015).

O!PLA ACROSS THE BORDERS is a "cross-section program" guiding by the whole contemporary Polish animation for audience in age 16+. O!PLA ACROSS THE BORDERS include: films with big budget/made in professional studios; fully independent animations; films made in school (graduation films); animated music videos; “animated epigrams” (very short movies) and “FORMANIMA” (experimental and abstract animations).

The initiator and main organiser of O!PLA is Animation Across Borders (Piotr Kardas, Director/Artistic Director).