Out of competition program "Zen/trash" part 2 (Tanatos)
15 April, 20:30 - Korpus8, 9 Masherava Ave.

The sublime, when brought to its extreme, becomes ugly, and each exorbitant stupidity conceals the grains of truth...It is yet another time that filmmakers from around the world try to contest the laws of beauty and harmony, in an attempt to formulate and assert their own new aesthetics, to construct their own universe. We, in our turn, just unlock the doors into these worlds before you.

The story of the friends / Mahmoud Yossry ( Egypt, 25 min)

This movie is about a dream of immigration in Egypt. A lot of guys do not feel happy, their life is boring. Their similar days do not content important activities and guys and their friends are standing still in their small circle of the daily life. These guys become indifferent - they are not interesting in anything, any things are not important for them. And the most important thing for them is wasting their time. In the movie all guys are working and earning money, but they still have problems and confusions with their future self-realization and an absent enjoy of life.

LIFE / Pavel Samusenko ( Belarus, 9 min)

The movie reveals the life of an ordinary small bolt.

China, I love you / Liu Beilin ( China, 30 min)

In 8,Aug,1966, it happened chinese culture revolution,CCTV news reported this case.This events influenced the life of all chinese people.And then...

The moan area / Karasube Minoru ( Japan, 4 min)

Into a world where creatures live in peaceful idleness, a single rope drops down. The rope begins to attack them, occasionally pulling in passing a traveler, and arbitrarily toying with him.

Triangles / Galya Shiyan ( Russian Federation, 2 min)

Symbolic vision for the contemporary artist / poet private understanding of cultural backgrounds, a performance — stuffing the product to the outside world, the search for new ideas. The film features a poem by Dmitry Erokhin.