Experimental competition program
15 April, 19:00 - Korpus8, 9 Masherava Ave.

Alternative view on what cinema is and who we are. This programme is not for nervous viewers and even for prepared it will be a real experience. Visual phiilosophy. Who are we, how do we live and what do we feel? Experimental programme of this year will try to answer all this questions.

Emergence / Olga Labovkina ( Belarus, 9 min)

For the first time the work has been introduced to the viewers at the final event made by the laboratory studying cinema dance as a phenomenon. The purpose of the project was to study what two forms of art — dance and cinema — have in common. As a result, several short videodance films were shot. This film is an ironic visualisation of gravity changes.

The Correspondent / Alan King ( Australia, 9 min)

A chronicle of one man’s journey through love, loss and resurrection over 24 hours in modern day Thailand.


Remembering nothing about the moment we were born and knowing nothing about the death we are traveling from one obscurity to another, from one infinity to another. Like the sun we live in a circle: hidden behind one horizon, we appear from the next. Which game the Universe is playing with us.

Oneiria / Jeroen Cluckers ( Belgium, 3 min)

In our high-tech world, unpredictable behaviour from technology is often perceived as negative. These glitches however - ‘the ghost in the machine’ - can be a starting point to expand the possibilities of image production in the digital age. Oneiria uses datamoshing, a technique in which digital video images are deliberately made unstable, and found footage in different formats (digital HD, VHS, Super 8, …) is literally used as paint, smearing images to create painterly, abstract, dreamlike landscapes.

PNEUMA (triptyque) / ANTONELLO MATARAZZO ( Italy, 2 min)

Animation, Experimental; Similarly Karma 1, presented at the Venice Biennale 2011, Pneuma (breath) investigates the threshold between immobility and transformation, highlighting the slow mutation of an ancient olive tree, represented in the detail of the trunk as opposed to analog face an old farmer. The variety of forms of the bark of the olive is, perhaps more than any other plant species, a tree that is an almost instinctive anthropomorphic equivalence, in the face of a wrinkled old farmer. The morphing of the face and the winding wooden formations are a metaphor for the constant sacrifice that the two forms of life ( man-tree) bring into being. Organic forms of powerful symbolic value, absorbed into the relentless cycle of nature, where everything changes and nothing is destroyed.

Singular / Jan mozetič ( Slovenia, 1 min)

In the anarchy of digital memories the events and people bound and mix together, so that we can hardly separate the collector from the collection. Everything becomes a part of an unclear and lonely modern plurality.

Missing one player / Lei Lei ( China, 4 min)

During a majong game a bad situation occurs. Everyone waits for the last player to show up. The three have no choice but to wait and sit there silently in tears. However, they do believe that the fourth player will come. They look up to they sky waiting for this miracle to happen.

DOK Leipzig 2015 — «Silver Dove» Award
StopTrik IFF 2015 — Special Mention

Uprisal / Silence / Bazinato ( Belarus, 14 min)

Six spacially-temporal stories of past, present and future.