Music video program "Visual Music"
15 April, 23:00 - Pub-Club "Graffiti", 16, Kalinina lane

DJs Pogodina + Scarlett.

Shoot Granny / Grégoire Morel & Olivier Kowalczyk ( Spain, 6 min)

Shoot Granny or when what seems to be a common tea time between three elderly ladies turns out to be the starting point of an eve as funny and lively as any their grandsons may have... Cheerfully aging in action!

Paperface - A bigger man / Cristian Wiesenfeld ( Chile, 4 min)

A music video about anyone who ever wanted to be a Rockstar. It was made completely by hand using only miniatures and projections. The song was written by British singer-songwriter Paperface, and features a live orchestra.

Latidos / Juliette Chapal ( France, 5 min)

A journey into the universe of a flamenco dancer. Her search of a way of dancing that is, beyond traditions and codes, her own way, the reflection of her personality. A path towards contemporary flamenco.

Čisté Tvary - To Breathe Sulfur / Marián Vredík ( Slovakia, 5 min)

The story begins with four characters wearing strange masks. They walk through a landscape surrounded by dead animal bones. After some time everything changes from black and white into colorful magical night. The main inspiration of this animation were shamanic drawings and primitive rituals.

Abiadura / Sonia Estévez Fernández ( Spain, 5 min)

Abiadura is a short film about the impact of speed in life experience, represented by a female passenger's view from a train as the vehicle starts up.
This short film is wholly made with waste materials, such as cardboard, fabric, paper or plastic.
The musical score, specially conceived for this piece, has also been composed with instruments made of recycled materials.
The aim of the film is to offer the audience a poetic view of the contemporary human condition.

Citius, Altius, Fortius / Felix Jacob Deimann ( Germany, 3 min)

Animation, Experimental; Citius, Altius, Fortius explores the interplay of abstract shapes and motions. How can the substance of motion be visualized. Therefor original footage of athletes in Olympic competitions was digitalised into 3D through motion tracking and rotoscoping. The specific character of each sport is reflected in the visual language.

Moko / Marta Szymanska ( Poland, 4 min)

Moko is a dynamic story about shapes, colours and ornaments. It’s variation on a theme of Polynesian myth of the Creation. In multicoloured artistic and musical impression there’s a story of first parents, first lovers. The ornaments are teeming with life, hypnotize and have an effect on characters.

Fisz Emade Tworzywo - Dust / Marek Skrzecz ( Poland, 5 min)

Dawid is a twenty-year-old farmer from a village in Małopolskie province. Each day, he works in his homestead and drives a tractor. After his daily hard work, he gets lost in his true passion for dance. Together with a group of friends, Dawid spends his spare time on improving reckless, electro dance. This is a dance which is known of its broad, circular moves that are performed aggressively or even in a crazy manner. For the whole week, a young farmer prepares for Saturday evening, when it turns out who is the best dancer in the neighbourhood.

Sizarr - Baggage Man / Matthias Gerding, Dennis Colquhoun ( Germany, 5 min)

Memories are chasing us throughout our whole life. They shape us and thus make us what we are today. Baggage Man takes you on a journey through this state of mind in the form of fragmentary snapshots of a rough youth.

Sirotkin - Imaginary pilot / Alexey Tomilov ( Russian Federation, 5 min)

Making contact with people poses danger, trying to avoid this contact terrifies. People around seem ugly, there's no beauty at all.

Ralf Hildenbeutel - Disco / Boris Seewald ( Germany, 2 min)

Ralf Hildenbeutel releases with “Disco” the second video from his latest album “Moods”. The handmade video, which uses a rotoscoping animation technique, continues with the theme of the visualization of dance.
A handmade music video of approx 1250 paintings on paper

Helios - Embrace / Sean Pecknold ( United States of America, 5 min)

Relationships are not easy, especially in the next 30 years.

Takeshi Nakatsuka - Japanese Boy / Hironori Sugie ( Japan, 5 min)

Music video for “JAPANESE BOY"