Belarusian competition program
17 April, 21:20 - Central cinema , Nezavisimosti 13

Belarusian cinema is alive! We would like to show it to the broader audience. In competition and non-competition programs you will see how people love, depart, grow up, celebrate New Year's Day and birthdays, get married, play music and struggle for ones' happiness. Come over and see true stories about us!

Unidentified man / Dmitri Dedok ( Belarus, 18 min)

The film tells a story of a typical “uncle” spied on by the protagonist ARCH, a nickname of a Belarusian artist dissecting the world around as passionlessly as the actual owner of the full name once dissected his victims. ARCH lives in the same world but does not expect any surprise to come. Earning extra money as a morgue attendant he knows for sure which surprise destiny has in cards for all of us.

Happy days / Maria Monakova and Dmitri Levkovski ( Belarus, 15 min)

Disappointed with his personal life, Anton escapes to the countryside to get an insight into his feelings. As it turns out, his first love decided to stay on her own as well. Anton makes himself comfortable in the very heart of the forest only to hear a familiar cry.

Road to the Sun / Yevgeni Lytkin, Maksim Malachov ( Belarus, 19 min)

You will see one day in the life of Belarusian musicians both in the regions and in the capital.

And Happiness / ( Belarus, 11 min)

Zhenia is a second-grader of a special school where children with autism can study together with ordinary kids. We will spend 1 September with him and his mother who will tell us about her unusual son and ordinary happiness.

Big Bug and Little Pipsqueak / Dmitri Shestopalov ( Belarus, 4 min)

A story about Big Bug meeting Little Pipsqueak by chance. They become friends and this friendship helps them see the world and themselves in a totally different way…

Belarusian wedding / Aliaksandra Padkapaeva, Marysia Tulzhankova ( Belarus, 3 min)

The cartoon is based on the ethnographic data collected by youth organization of local history “Talaka” during the expedition to the Brahin district in the Homel region. The cartoon is an addition to the book “A recipe for a traditional wedding” and pictures the traditional wedding in Brahin district.

OBNTSBNCHA / Maxim Lushchik ( Belarus, 9 min)

The encyclopedia of perestroika childhood.

A Birthday in Minsk / Nikita Lavretsky ( Belarus, 27 min)

For the second time in a row Egor quits his studies in EHU and returns to Minsk. He has a fight with his Mum who blames him for being so irresponsible and then he leaves home; later in the evening he has a clash with his girlfriend. Egor finds himself penniless and roofless. As his 20th birthday approaches, a surge of melancholy rises in him.