Competition experimental program
11 April, 17:00 - Centre of Modern arts, Nekrasava 3 str.

Alternative view on what is cinema and who are we. This programme is not for sensetive viewers and even for sophisticated ones it will be a mere adventure. Visual phiilosophy. Who are we, how do we live and what do we feel? Experimental programme of this year will try to answer all these questions.

THE INVENTION OF THE DESERT / Le Texier ( France, 7 min)

Humans have been our parents, our shepherds, and finally our obsolete children. Who are we?

COLISEIDOSKOPE / Natalia Ryss ( Russian Federation, 1 min)

... just a bit of Apocalypse

monotony / beaucourt christophe ( France, 3 min)

a rorschach vision of minsk architecture

Mototanaka Dérive / Michael Lyons ( Japan, 4 min)

S.R.T. - Sadder but wiser. Reform. Take hold company.
This is a super 8 stop motion document of an aimless walk, in the manner of a situationist dérive, through one of Kyoto's former outcaste neighbourhoods, which continues to exist below normal Japanese living standards. Despite pro-active legislation, people from families associated with such areas can still experience discrimination. The soundtrack was created using an original apparatus called 'The Octopus'. Voltages from light sensors on the projection screen control an analogue modular synthesizer allowing the film itself to act as a visual score.

Je est un autre / Po-Yang CHANG ( Taiwan, Province of China, 14 min)

In an apartment live six men, the Sleeper is the initial who created all the other five duplicates. When the Sleeper dreams of one of them, the others will be forced to vanish. Who is the Sleeper and who are the others? The others who are forced to vanish started running away from the dreams to keep their own existence and intend to become the real one’s self.

Smart Songdo Song / Sylvia Winkler, Stephan Koeperl ( Korea, Republic of, 6 min)

Built on privatized land, managed by a single company, finanzed by multinational investors: Cities are becoming a market-oriented product, traded like a commodity.
Nevertheless, individuals find smart ways to deal with those concrete real(i)ties. In New Songdo City, one of South Korea´s Free Economic Zones, we reflect on this development along a settled hard rock melody.

XYX / Саша Ігнатовіч (Sasha Ihnatovich), Каця Дробыш (Kate Drobysh) ( Slovenia, 4 min)

1. What is human body? Why some parts of ours bodies we consider to be attractive and some we are ashamed of? What is the perception of our own bodies depends on and whom our bodies belong to? The “XYX” is an audiovisual journey to the body, its cultural perception, its visionary and physical shape and texture. It opens up the interrelation between sexuality and the body through visual investigation of tabbo bodily imaginary, queering normative sexual images, tending to transgress the very notion of visual pleasure and sexualized vision of body

Turning / Eoin Heaney ( Ireland, 6 min)

Inspired by the work of Eadweard Muybridge, Turning is a dance film exploring the cyclical nature and repetitive behavior of contemporary society.

Single # Double # Triple / Antonella Mignone & Cristiano Panepuccia ( Italy, 9 min)

"Single # Double # Triple" is a Dance Video Art project about triplicity, perception and human nature.

The concept of the triad or trinity has existed over immeasurable time and throughout the world. It appears as a widespread symbol in several philosophical, religious and scientific systems and it can be interpreted as a key to the integrity and interdependence of all existence.

Study for interior with figures and sounds / Rick Niebe ( Italy, 4 min)

A short survey about a domestic environment with bodies lost among objects.

প্রচণ্ড বৈদ্যুতিক ছুতার / Hyash Tanmoy and Mrignaksekhar Ganguly ( India, 12 min)

After the historical verdict of Indian Supreme Court on IPC 377, an unnatural man finds himself in the cage of hallucination. He runs his night and days with his "unnatural" dream and fantasy like an outmoded gun dreams to have its last fire from its own eye. He dreams about the freedom of love like Hitler once has had for his Germany. At the end of the world beyond the right or wrong there has a garden where the man meets with his love finally as every lover's praise to meet with their love.

Picture Particles / Thorsten Fleisch ( Germany, 5 min)

Individual elements from a carrier of visual information have been isolated to construct alternative visual reagents. Repetition (in space and in time [and in moderation]) is administered as a binder to tame the wild particles in motion, evoking a golden ratio of the mind's eye.

Dead Fish from Berlin / Marcel Back ( Germany, 9 min)

Everyday life of dead fish, and vice versa. "dead fish from berlin" is an ambigram in sight and sound and a tribute to landmark documentary short films, underscored by Erik Satie's classical musical piece "Gnossienne No. 1".

Fugitives / Ranjith Singharaja ( Sri Lanka, 4 min)

Fugitives-(Synopsis). In twilight, someone is running through a forest. Sounds of attacking planes and helicopters. Distant sounds of gun shots. Voices of matured man and a woman talking each other. He moves towards them. They are talking about their kids that had forcefully taken away by some military group. About forcing them to leave their inherited lands. Sounds of an approaching helicopter. He runs again. He sees a dead body of a killed person. The dark of night spreads all over the place. Helicopter gradually approaches more closely. Few gun shots. He speeds in the darkness. Helicopter shoots him. Everything becomes silent. The soul of the dead person appears and says to the spectators that they were watched killing him. The words “Thrill of Killing” appears on the screen. Except the last scene, all scenes are depicted from the Fugitive’s eye view.