Zen / Trash

Trash as a genre is exploiting vulgar form as its means of expression free from artificial beauty. Zen is a state of intent detachment, meditation, means of perceiving inner beauty. Zen and trash as a combined means of perceiving the truth comes as an endeavour to dispose the excessive things on the way to enlightenment/ joy of creating and inner freedom.

Simple / Markus Wende ( Germany, 1 min)

"I just want sex!" says Tanja to Benjamin

FOAMY / Eduard Puertas ( Spain, 3 min)

3 curious WC Paper rolls discovering the world and its limits.


What happens when hip-hop music is taken its driving beat? 'The Unsung Hero' is based on text fragments of different rappers from german city of Halle (Saale). The short film traces the confrontation with one's own life plan while growing up. The essayistic film combines poetry staged portraits and atmospheric Hi8 video into a vibrant collage.

I laugh because you bring your ass to the party / Sandra Araújo ( Portugal, 3 min)

Popular, Fun, Mocking, Sampling, Fado, Joke

The Dream Of a Ridiculous Man / Alexey Ermolaev ( Russian Federation, 11 min)

The film is based on the short story by Fyodor Dostoevsky. A lonely man, considered eccentric from an early age, decides to shoot himself dead due to an idea planted into his head. However, he feels pangs of remorse about his mean action. The protagonist falls asleep before shooting. He dreams of a world that is an exact copy of the Earth but has no anger, no envy, no jealousy, and no theft. It is ideal in any respect. Then the world is getting more and more corrupt, like the Earth, and the protagonist is to blame for it. He wakes up a completely different person realising that it’s better to sow the good seed in an imperfect world rather than vice versa…

Dasha and Alisa at Present Time / Nikita Lavretsky ( Belarus, 4 min)

Dasha meets Alisa after working hours and they go to Dasha’s place. Alisa watches a video on a new Dasha’s phone. Dasha wants to meet her friend more often but she doubts whether it is possible.

Das Katzenjammertal / Ara Jo ( Germany, 4 min)

A woman dozes in infinite room. She wakes up and looks around her. Suddenly, a screen is projected in front of her. While she is watching the screen, a cat comes close to her. And the cat hit her back and she starts throwing up her innermost things.

Pietas of the Wind / Silvia Siberini ( Italy, 7 min)

A film based on a dialogue that never took place between the Japanese poet Matsuo Bashō and the Italian architect Carlo Scarpa. Bashō’s voice takes us back to life in Scarpa's architecture, leaving us suspended in mystery between the journey of life and death.
The research of the traveler poet and the cold of cement meet each other in the wind, like a narrator, and its destiny is to whisper only to the cypress.

ZOMBIE PONY / Juan Cruz Llobera Bevilaqua ( Argentina, 2 min)

Zombie Pony is a short film on how the pony became zombies and then were kill by a cowboy

The First Yugoslavian Cosmonaut / Rene Nuijens ( Netherlands, 3 min)

This short film ‘The First Yugoslavian Cosmonaut’ is part of the Road to Gagarin project by photographer/film-maker Rene Nuijens and writer Steve Korver. By documenting the major settings of the bizarre and dramatic life of Yuri Gagarin (1934-68), the first man in space, we are out to capture the essence of the man who is dead, and his myth which is very much alive – and still inspiring much love, art and conspiracy theories.
The short film ‘The First Yugoslavian Cosmonaut’ was made for the 51st anniversary of human space flight. It's a about a Belgrade boy who dreamed about being the First Yugoslav in space. Sadly as a kid he got already sick on children-swings.

TRUBLA / Andrey Miteshin ( Russian Federation, 13 min)

“Life is not all clear sailing in calm vodka”, said someone in the clique near the village groceries. Rural store is the place where local idlers meet. In this clique there’s also a guy in the wheelchair. The father of this physically impaired guy gets tired of bringing him back home unconscious. He finds an unusual treatment for his son. The father brings him to the amateur music band that gathers up for a regular autumn trubla as their ancestors did long ago.

Dinosaurs and Sea Hawks / LINAS PHILLIPS ( United States of America, 5 min)

Inspired by creating performance gifts for his schizophrenic mother 'Dinosaurs and Sea Hawks' is another story in Ezra Dickinson's ongoing performance work. The dinosaur mask is intended as a reminder of child hood and quite literally a mask to hide from the harsh really of the world through Ezra's mothers eyes. Sleeping under a bridge is a man and his dinosaur mask. Waking up he walks in to the heart of the city and puts on his mask. A friend a stranger a kindred soul emerges and the mask is passed off and traded. The man watches then walks away with a Sea Hawks hat.

Carnevale / eleonora gambula ( Italy, 3 min)

Inspired on a true story.
The Carnival is a celebration without any rules,
where fact and fiction plays together and creates it's own world.
The only task required is to be a part of it.
Is the Carnival a farcical celebration? On a day like this we could really fall in love with something fake

The Wall / Andra Tévy ( France, 17 min)

One winter evening, on a snowy weather, a woman is going to her job. The surroundings are hostile, the labour – backbreaking. And a window doesn’t close anymore : it snows inside the work space.
The chore place becomes a land of adventures…